Skooter won the Lottery!

Scooter lived underground from birth. He was saved from eminent peril and is now recovering in the home of his parents.
IMG 0034  Skooter likes his bear. IMG 0033  Kat attempting to feed Scooter. IMG 0032  Oops - wrong end! IMG 0031  Holding Skooter so he can eat his formula.
IMG 0030  Resting between gulps.  He has the strangest web feet. IMG 0029  He eats, sleeps, wakes up and tunnels back under the blanket. IMG 0028  I want more! IMG 0027  More feeding.
IMG 0026  On the bottle again after rubbing his tummy and he burped! IMG 0025  More feeding. IMG 0024  Enough already. IMG 0023  Patience, patience.
IMG 0022  Second feeding and dad takes over.  You can see the cut on his neck is healing. IMG 0021  Part Bat; part Seal and a little bit of puppy! IMG 0020  Check out his hands (paws). IMG 0019  Put that bottle up puhleeze!
IMG 0018  Little tired.  Time for a nap.  See how he's grabbing dad's arm? IMG 0017  Okay Skooter, you need to stop skooting! IMG 0016  Okay, hold still Skooter!